Sonia Ali (SoniaxFyza Dubai)

Sonia Ali Dubai (Soniaxfyza), perhaps one of the biggest Instagram Stars around, comes as the most esteemed and recognized names in the lifestyle and beauty blogging domain. Given to her eternal beauty and looks, she is often compared to acclaimed Hollywood reality star Kim Kardashian, who is also a renowned business personality, performer and model.

Kick starting her dream career at a young age

Sonia Ali was born on 30th December, 1994 in the city of London, England and finished most of her basic education in the UK only. Being particularly stunned and interested by the beauty and fashion field, Sonia made her entry into the fashion and beauty blogging domain. She has gotten some enormous predominance among her fans for all the astonishing beauty tips and make up suggestions. Being a devoted and capable individual, Soniaxfyza always made sure of keeping the right balance between her career and education, and got herself enrolled for a law degree in the UK. During her days at the school, she in like manner kept on with her energy towards fashion blogging, or giving helpful and handy make up tips which were profoundly appreciated and acclaimed by everyone.

Ensuing to wrapping up with her education, Soniaxfyza moved to Kuwait to be with her family for some time. Other than spending the quality time with her family in Kuwait, she continued working for her yearnings and desire in the beauty and makeup world. With all the commitment and range of abilities, she acquired the tag for being maybe the most famous style and beauty bloggers around the world.

Progressing from a law student to a Fashion Icon

With all the incredible work and achievements, Sonia Ali Dubai has launched her own social media blogs and pages to help individuals around with all the magnificent makeup and beauty tips. She further clasped hands with her sister Fyza Ali, the author and coordinator of Buffing technique, through social media, especially on instagram. In fact both of them come up being the first women in the Middle East at the time that established their presence on social media for work promotion.

Thusly, they investigated every possibility to build their journey towards the top and this is where most of the top tier celebrities started connecting with Sonia and Fyza to get profited by their work. To make her work show up at more prominent horizons, Sonia moved to Dubai. She is exhibiting her capacity in comparative industry for a long time now and filling in as a significant embodiment of inspiration and strength for all the women by methods for her effective beauty and makeup tips while partnering with her sister.

Right within a young age, Sonia Ali Before (24 years old) has shown her ability and magnificence in the beauty and makeup industry with all the amazing work and right now she is giving a stern challenge to all the established beauty experts around.

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